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About Impact360

Impact360 was established in 2018 to have an impact on sustainability by focusing on corporations and their contribution to sustainability.

Our Beliefs:  

  • Stakeholders expect and will reward corporations for their sustainability actions and efforts.
  • Corporations should take an active and vocal role on social and environmental issues.
  • We are all better, including corporations, if we partner, collaborate and work together.  

Our Approach:   

  • We support the United Nations, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to focus corporations on having a positive sustainability impact rather than focusing on measures that seek only to limit their damage.
  • Where appropriate, the SDGs are grouped into 5 general areas being People, Planet, Prosperity, Peace and Partnerships.
  • The Impact360 sustainability rating used is based on proprietary rating criteria and process.     



Impact360’s purpose is to improve corporate sustainability by focusing on increased transparency and greater collaboration and partnerships, so as to enhance stakeholder engagement and sustainable solutions for corporations and overcome sustainability challenges.

Recognition should be given to companies that contribute to sustainability and applaud their new initiatives.


Challenges can often be resolved by collaboration, diversity of views and additional resources.  


The best solutions are often obtained by collaboration and  diversity of views.  Join the discussion and add your perspective.   


How we assist corporations

Platform to promote its sustainability credentials

A platform to promote a corporation’s sustainability credentials.

Platform to resolve sustainability challenges

Provide transparency of an organisation’s sustainability goals and aspirations and the potential challenges.

Platform to discuss relevant sustainability issues

Identifies sustainability issues that impact corporations and provides the platform for discussion.

Channel for Stakeholder feedback

Provide stakeholder feedback on a corporate’s sustainability. 

Independent assessment of its corporate sustainability

Provides an independent rating of a corporate’s sustainability based on impact on People, Planet, Prosperity, Peace and Partnerships. 

Distribution of latest sustainability news

Provides latest news and updates on corporate sustainability and news from member organisations.