Most frequent questions and answers

Impact360 wants to promote the sustainability credentials of members and to assist members in leveraging their existing content (website and published reports) by providing stakeholders with effortless access to view the member’s key focus areas, reports, policies, memberships and any accreditations across the Impact360 themes of Sustainability, People, Planet, Prosperity, Peace and Partnerships.

Specific benefits for members:

  • access additional fields and link options:  key focus areas, reports, policies, memberships, accreditations and others.
  • promote latest news and achievements and link these to the company’s listing.
  • upload key reports and documents.
  • Identify the company’s sustainability aspirations across the Impact360 themes.
  • add contact details, social media links and photos to the company’s listing.

Organisations are requested to contacted Impact360 to discuss pricing.

Impact360 actively encourages user participation, dialogue and discussion and will from time to time publish posts which can be viewed on the site.

Organisations are also encouraged to regularly provide updates and latest news of its own initiatives and progress on sustainability.  These updates will appear in the organization’s own directory listing as ‘latest news’ and will also be promoted in the general Impact360 latest news.   For an organisation to submit a ‘news update’, an organization must first select ‘News Updates’ from within general site menu titled ‘Impact Companies‘ and complete the required fields.  The organisation will be required to provide its login details for authentication  purposes.

As a registered member, Impact360 will assist.   Please contact support, via the online form, to discuss.