To create a directory listing, an organization must be registered and logged in and then must select ‘Create a Directory Listing’.



To edit a directory listing, an organization must first login and then select ‘Edit a Listing / Profile’.   An organisation can then update its general, social and contact information, its key focus areas and its hyperlinks.



In the event that an organization has not yet created a directory listing, the Impact360 Administrator may have  elected to create a directory listing for that organization and also to populate that listing with relevant organization information.  A listing established in this way, may be claimed by a request being made to the Impact360 Administrator and the provision of required information to substantiate an entitlement to the listing.

To claim a directory listing, an organization does not need to have registered or be logged in and there is no cost to claim a listingThe organization must however send a request to the Site Administrator by selecting ‘Claim a Directory Listing’ and providing the information requested.

Upon being satisfied as to the authenticity of the organization that is claiming the listing, the Site Administrator will provide a username and password to the organization, so that the organization can update its listing.



Impact360 actively encourages user participation, dialogue and discussion and will from time to time publish posts which can be viewed on the site.

Organisations are also encouraged to regularly provide updates and latest news of its own initiatives and progress on sustainability.  These updates will appear in the organization’s own directory listing as ‘latest news’ and will also be promoted in the general Impact360 latest news.   For an organisation to submit a ‘latest news’ post, an organization must first select ‘Post News Updates’ from within general site menu titled ‘Impact Companies‘ and complete the required fields.  The organisation will be required to provide its login details for authentication  purposes.



A registered user can update its username and password information by accessing its Account / Settings.


A user can contact the Impact360 Site Administrator by selecting ‘Contact Us’.   A user does not need to have registered or to login to make contact or an enquiry.